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We are Rhapsode. We are India's very own free web-series consumption service. We believe that in line with everything else the internet has disrupted, good quality motion-picture is the next one on the cards. Due to the closed nature of the work between the movie distribution-networks and the production houses that work with them, only a handful of talented folk get a chance to showcase their craft. We want to work with the rest who land in Mumbai to hobnob with their destiny. And it is high time!!

We want to encourage the creators to put their best efforts into the creation bit by taking care of the rest - the distribution, branding, content-marketing and monetization. We also want to provide them with any support system they may need in various capacities. We believe it is the patrons who inspire the creators in the final analysis. Hence, we have launched our platform to help the creators monetize their work and benefit directly from it. We believe they deserve the lion's share of the profits that churn from the success of their features. The flexible pricing plans mean there is something for everyone in our basket. In addition to video streaming, we are a content-house par excellence. You shall get the best reviews and series/actor/crew coverage at our platform. That way, you do not have to go to multiple platforms to get a holistic and eclectic flavour of what you look for. Hope you shall have as much fun hanging-out at Rhapsode as we have had in building and developing it for you!!

We are rhapsode. And we welcome all the patrons, critics and creators.
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