Rhapsode is a consumer internet brand that operates on the web-portal at rhapsode.in. It is a platform that enables creators and other participants like consumers and connoisseurs to upload videos to be consumed as is by consumers. It also enables streaming of the same content as uploaded on other platforms and hence only supporting the view as a streaming window without having the videos on its servers.

As the content platform is a medium for interaction among patrons and creators, we do not restrict any uploading or streaming of the same by the users to enrich their experience. However, if such content is limited by copyright constraints and the entity holding the rights directs us to remove the content from our platform, we are happy to oblige. It is not the intent of rhapsode.in a s a platform entity or of its owners to cause any grievance to any participant in any manner. Please contact our helpdesk and customer success team to address the grievance relating to copyright. We do not intend to benefit from any content in any way which is objected upon by the original creators and other legal right-holders. Rhapsode and its development team are committed to a great user-experience along-with success for creators and any damage or loss caused to them is purely incidental and unintended. Rhapsode and its team does not undertake any liability arising from streaming any content which is publicly available to be curated and streamed/disseminated. However, we shall remove any such content to which any objection is made by the legal entities holding rights to it at the earliest possible time after reporting.

The content that streams at rhapsode is created by independent creators and is a work of their belief and will. We do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any damages caused to a viewer in terms of money or distress because of the same. Any such incidents are beyond the control of team at rhapsode and we advice user-discretion for viewership of such content. We do not believe in and strongly object to any biases or promotion of hatred, discrimination based on gender, religion, caste, nationality or of any other nature on our platform in any manner. Any such ideas depicted or construed from any content published on the platform in form of videos or text are the responsibility of the original creator. We are not liable for any monetary dames or otherwise arising from any such situations. We do not hold ourselves responsible for any material decisions like financial or career oriented/personal nature that a user may undertake based on any ideas they perceive or get from watching the content or involving in discussions on the platform.
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